Intimate goods cannot be returned or exchanged, including sex toys, hosiery, underwear, fetish items, as they comply with health and hygiene standards.
We remind you! The warranty is accepted only for goods that have an electronic part, and only if the original receipt is provided to the Buyer within 15 days from the date of purchase (shop's warranty). All goods are mandatory checked for serviceability when sold or sent.

If you receive a defective product, you can send us a complaint at our email address After that we will contact you and agree on further actions.

Attach us your written claim with a description of the problem with the product. In this case, the postage is borne by the Buyer. To approve the return / replacement procedure, please contact us before sending the goods by email or by phone: +38267039370 from 11:00 to 19:00 (except Sunday).

If during Postal or Courier Delivery you received a damaged package, you must file a claim with the Postal / Courier Service and refuse to accept such a package.

We kindly ask our customers to return the products to us in their original packaging (with declarations indicating the article number and price), as well as with the attached original receipt within 15 days from the date of purchase of the product (shop's warranty).

Products or sets that consist of multiple items must be returned in full. During the return and / or replacement of the product, the Buyer is responsible for the proper packaging of the product - i.e. c ensures that it is shipped in a cardboard box to prevent damage to the goods during transportation.
If we receive damaged goods due to improper packaging when sent by the Buyer (for example, goods wrapped in paper or in a simple package) - return or replacement will not be approved by us.

Before informing us about a defect in the product, please make sure that the batteries that are inserted into the product (if necessary) are working and are inserted correctly. If during the warranty period you return to us a product that has a manufacturing defect, we will fully cover the costs of shipping.

Return / replacement of goods is NOT accepted in the following cases:
• if the Buyer did not follow the instructions for using the product
• due to defects caused by force majeure (fire, flood, earthquake, etc.)
• due to damage caused by improper use, installation of batteries and / or maintenance (care)
• due to mechanical damage caused by the user
• if the Buyer treats the product incorrectly or carelessly
• misuse and exposure of the product in unusual or extreme conditions
• damage caused by unsuitable cleaning agents
• Connecting the device to a power source that does not include instructions.
Refunds / replacements do NOT apply to:
  • cosmetics - candles, lubricants, creams, condoms, massage oils, etc.
  • dildos
  • masturbators
  • penis rings, penis sleeves
  • dolls
  • fetish items
  • vaginal and anal beads
  • anal plugs
  • pumps
  • strap-ons
  • souvenirs
  • lingerie, hosiery
  • and other goods and accessories in contact with mucous membranes
  • chargers, cords

We kindly ask you to understand that the goods that you purchase in our store belong to goods for individual hygienic purposes and, due to hygiene reasons, cannot be exchanged or returned.