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Spanish Fly men Extreme strong drops 30ml


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The famous "Spanish Fly" aphrodisiac is back - redesigned and remixed. For men. 30 ml drop dispenser bottle

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Probably the most famous male aphrodisiac, which is mentioned in many novels, in several films and which actually works, is the Spanish fly. In fact, these are male stimulant drops, and then men get a desire for sexual intercourse. It is important to say that this is not a product of a chemical laboratory, because this medicine, if we can call it that, is based entirely on natural preparations. The preparation Spanish Fly is recognized by all international health organizations around the world, and this proves that this aid is absolutely safe for men's health. Men, like women, need to know that life is not just about work, food and leisure. You need to find time to dedicate to yourself and your partner. In these situations, if you have problems not always wanting or not wanting your partner, a Spanish fly can be of great help.

What exactly is the Spanish fly preparation?

These are actually drops, which promote sexual desire in men, ie. they stimulate them in a certain way, so they will feel that they would like to have sexual relations with their partner. Sometimes you don't need expensive preparations to experience the maximum, sometimes the Spanish fly is the ideal solution.

Composition, action and manner of consumption

We have indicated that the Spanish fly consists exclusively of preparations of plant origin. The Spanish fly contains: guanosine monophosphate and specific phosphodiesterase type 5. This accelerates desire, more precisely stimulates the man and he gets a sudden desire for intercourse. Certain muscles of the small pelvis and testicles are strongly relaxed, the blood flow to the body of the penis and prostate is increased, and - the real effect is obtained when a man is additionally stimulated, ie when a woman joins the game. The method of use, more precisely the consumption, is very simple: 30 drops twice a day, dissolve in any liquid. For best results, regular use is recommended. The characteristic of the Spanish fly is that it is a liquid without color, smell and taste, so it can be combined with any drink. Maybe even with a glass of wine, during a romantic dinner. However, women, do not try to deceive your partner, it is safer to talk to him first about the possibility of consuming Spanish flies, because it is not guaranteed that every man or boy would want to try it on their own. Be careful, conversation solves many problems and dilemmas. Explain to him that this is a natural aphrodisiac, which will only make your sex better. It can be used by men who have reduced libido, both older and younger. The drops will start to work an hour after consumption.

Possible side effects

The natural composition, that is, the herbal composition, guarantees that the side effects almost do not exist, and if they do exist, they are minimal and harmless. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the amount of drops. Over 60 drops is not recommended on a daily basis. As in everything in life, the use of the Spanish fly must not be exaggerated. Also, the use of the Spanish fly is recommended until the date indicated on the packaging, after the expiration date, you can freely throw away the box with the drops and do not experiment with it further. Spanish fly for men is a male aphrodisiac that can be found in our store at a very affordable price.


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Spanish Fly men Extreme strong drops 30ml

Spanish Fly men Extreme strong drops 30ml

The famous "Spanish Fly" aphrodisiac is back - redesigned and remixed. For men. 30 ml drop dispenser bottle